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Zapp Precision Strip, Inc.

Zapp Precision Strip, Inc.


Steel Service

About Us

The progress of the steel industry in the past 300 years has influenced life, economy and culture more than ever. The Zapp family has been rooted in these developments since 1701 and has always shown particular interest in novelties. ''On the basis of tradition, to pursue the new'', wrote Engelbert Zapp Sr. in 1730. This joy in new developments has developed into an essential part of the company's philosophy.

In its more than 300 years, the Zapp Group has played a key role in the progress made in the steel industry. Our flexibility to adapt to new situations and to trace new product fields still gives us a leading technological position in the field of high-performance materials and high-precision cold forming. We are proud of the created and existing Zapp – in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, India, China and the USA. We are close to you on a worldwide level with our locations, service centers and agencies. With our application-specific products, we support you in achieving a smooth production process.

In a time like this, when the whole world is struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, reliable business partners are essential. We, the Zapp Group, are there for you and support you with our strength and experience. Dr. Stefan Seng, CEO