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Rose Hills Memorial Park

Rose Hills Memorial Park



About Us

Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary is one of a kind. The premier place for Southern California families to remember their loved ones, our property is like no other in the world. Exceptionally beautiful and encompassing 1,400 acres, the cemetery in Whittier is the largest in North America; the on-site funeral home and crematory make Rose Hills an easy choice.

Rose Hills Memorial Park has excellent feng shui and includes the award-winning SkyRose Chapel and Pageant of Roses Garden. Rose Hills Mortuary has a staff who speaks many languages and is extensively educated in a range of cultures and religions. Our properties include several chapels and other spaces intentionally designed for a multicultural community.
Several sections of the cemetery are set aside to honor groups. The Masonic Memorial Lawn opened in 1951 as the first fraternal lawn at Rose Hills. Today, there are more than a dozen dedicated lawns for religious, ethnic and fraternal organizations, including more than 3 acres memorializing U.S. military veterans. The cemetery is also home to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Columbarium, the largest Buddhist pagoda in the United States; lush Japanese gardens; and the private St. Nicholas Chapel built by the Greek Orthodox Memorial Foundation of Southern California.

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Rose Hills Cemetery
Beautiful views at Rose Hills

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Ophelia Camero
President's Office
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Christine Flores
Pre-Planning Advisor
  • Phone: (562) 692-1212
Antoinette Lou
Director of Community Affairs
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Janet Melendez
Pre-Planning Advisor
  • Phone: (562) 205-4838
Patty Reyes
Sales Director
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Marco Salcedo
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